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During this COVID-19 pandemic period, and beyond, this page is meant to provide important links and content with official government information that is vital to all residents and businesses in the Garden State, Burlington County, and in Edgewater Park Township.

American Rescue Plan

From the Office of U. S. Senator Cory Booker:

March 24, 2021...

Last week President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan, marking a major step in providing much-needed Covid relief for Americans.  Our office has compiled a comprehensive resource guide to help New Jerseyans understand what is in the American Rescue Plan and how to access the programs available to them.  We have included information about funding to municipal and county governments, small business relief, vaccine access, and more.

The guide can be found on our website.  Please feel free to share the guide with others, and as always, don't hesitate to reach out if our office can be of assistance  Our Camden office is closest for South jersey residents:

One Port Center

2 Riverside Drive, Suite 505

Camden, NJ 08103

Phone:  (856) 338-8922

Fax:  (856) 338-8936

MacKenzie Belling, South Jersey Director - Office of U.S. Senator Cory Booker

Recent Developments Regarding COVID-19...

New Jersey Vaccination Sites as of January 6, 2021

Click here for complete list

Burlington County Testing Updates as of December 20, 2020

Click here for complete information and times

Burlington County Will Host One of the Six "Mega Sites" for the COVID-19 Vaccines

According to Colleen Ekey, Deputy Coordinator, Burlington County Emergency Management:

The State of New Jersey is on schedule to open six vaccine "mega sites" across the state in early January:

  • Bergen County:  Meadowlands Complex
  • Morris County:  Rockaway TownSquare Mall
  • Middlesex County:  New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center
  • Burlington County:  Moorestown Mall
  • Gloucester County:  Rowan College of South Jersey
  • Atlantic county:  Atlantic City Convention Center

These sites will be in position to vaccinate frontline health care workers who are part of Category 1A.

NJ anticipates these sites also being able to accommodate the 1B category of essential workers, before moving to the 1CC category of adults 65+ with high-risk medical conditions.

The State has been told the Health Department will receive vaccine within a few weeks and they will begin vaccinating as soon as they receive it, then transition to the mega sit when it's operational.


NJ Health Issues Updated Quarantine Guidelines

Here are COVID-19 quarantine guidelines updated to cover the busy holiday season when people may gather in dangerously large numbers or in close, indoor places. Click here for information.

The NJ Department of Health has published a VAX MATTERS Newsletter, December 4, 2020 Edition, with important information about the coming COVID-19 vaccination(s).  Click here to read it!

As of November 24th, New Jersey has expanded & extended the discounts available through the PPE Access Program until December 17th.

This program will especially help small businesses with 100 or fewer employees.  Deadline for application for the PPE discount has been moved to Thursday, December 17, 2020.

COVID-19 Active Infection Testing Updates for Burlington County

COVID-19 Testing Mobile Unit coming to the Weinman Building on Monday, November 9th from 9am to 12Noon.

Since Edgewater Park's last local COVID-19 testing date was cut short due to a small tornado coming through the township that day, the Burlington County Health Department has agreed to come to the Weinmann Building to do COVID-19 testing with their Mobile Unit on Monday, November 9th from 9:00am to 12:00 noon.

The offered test is a SALIVA test, so please do NOT eat, drink, smoke, vape or chew gum for 45 minutes prior to testing.  Please wear a mask.

Testing is also available every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm at Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC - Mt. Laurel, 900 College Circle, Lot #9).  Registration is done on-site.  The test is also a SALIVA test.

Click here for the complete Burlington County COVID Mobile Testing Schedule.

Indoor Dining, Recreation & Entertainment Facilities Updates -Effective September 4, 2020:

Executive Order #183 - Signed September 1, 2020

New Jersey Department of Health Executive Directive #20-030 - September 1, 2020

NJDOH Indoor Dining Guidelines - September 1, 2020

What are the regulations for indoor gatherings in New Jersey?

Attending a gathering, ceremony, or celebration is permitted as long as the event complies with the following limits on gatherings.

Gatherings are allowed, but different limits apply depending on the type of gathering, and where it is happening:

Indoor Gatherings

• General indoor gatherings must be limited to 25 people or 25% of a room's capacity -- whichever number is lower. All attendees at indoor gatherings must wear face coverings and stay six feet apart.
• Indoor gatherings for weddings, funerals, or memorial services must be limited to 150 people or 25% of a room's capacity -- whichever number is lower.
• Indoor gatherings for religious and political activities protected under the First Amendment must be limited to 150 people or 25% of a room's capacity -- whichever number is lower.
• Indoor gatherings for entertainment centers where performances are viewed or given, including movie theaters, performing arts centers, and other concert venues, must be limited to 150 people or 25% of a room's capacity -- whichever number is lower.

Outdoor Gatherings

• General outdoor gatherings must be limited to 500 people and social distancing must be practiced
• There is no limit for outdoor gatherings for religious or political activities protected under the First Amendment.

To save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19, wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and stay home if you are sick.

Face coverings are required in indoor public spaces and in outdoor public spaces when social distancing is difficult to maintain.

For more information on rules for indoor gatherings, refer to paragraphs 4-6 on pages 9 and 10 of Executive Order No. 183 and paragraph 1 on page 6 of Executive Order No. 152.
For more information on rules for outdoor gatherings, refer to paragraph 1 on page 5 of Executive Order No. 161 and paragraph 2 on pages 7-9 of Executive Order No. 152.

Safety Tips For Gatherings

During this difficult time, we understand everyone wants to spend time with family and friends. To ensure we don't inadvertently spread COVID-19 and needlessly put our loved ones at risk, the NJ Department of Health has offered some safety tips that can help reduce the risk of transmission when we gather in-person.

• Remind invited guests to stay home if they have been exposed to the virus in the last 14 days, are showing COVID-19 symptoms, or recently travelled to an area or a state with high COVID-19 infection rates.
• Ask guests to wear face coverings when they cannot social distance.
• Make hand sanitizer available for guests.
• Limit the number of people handling or serving food—for example, consider identifying one person to serve all food so that multiple people are not handling the serving utensils.
• Remind guests to wash their hands before serving or eating food.
• Use single-use hand towels or paper towels for drying hands so guests do not share a towel.
• Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces and any shared items between use when feasible.
• Consider keeping a list of guests who attended for potential future contract tracing needs. If you are called by a contact tracer, it's critical that you answer the call to protect us all.

Your help is the key to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and saving lives.

Source: Executive Order No. 142; Executive Order No. 148; Governor's Remarks; Executive Order No. 152; Executive Order No. 156; Executive Order No. 161; Commissioner Persichilli's Remarks 7/29/20; Executive Order No. 173; Executive Order No. 183


Burlington County COVID-19 Testing Information

August 20, 2020 Update

   New Jersey Dashboard                              

The New Jersey website is:  https://www.nj.gov/

The home page of the New Jersey website currently contains a dashboard of links about COVID-19 resources:

  • COVID-19 Task Force Briefings
  • NJ COVID-19 Dashboard #s for NJ
  • NJ COVID-19 Information Hub - What You Need to Know
  • NJ COVID-19 Job Portal - Jobs with an Essential Business
  • COVID-19 Services and Assistance


Governor Murphy's Press Releases & Executive Orders

Press Releases:                                                                               


Complete list of Executive Orders


  Election News

Recent information related to the 2020 General Election

Synopsis of November 2020 Election Updates, posted on the Burlington County Clerk's website.

Governor Murphy signs an executive order #177 to protect public health by mailing every active registered voter a vote-by-mail (VBM) ballot ahead of the General Election - 2020/08/14


Governor Murphy Announces New Modifications for This Year's General Election - 2020/08/25


NJ Division of Elections


 NJ Division of Elections Information Center

NJ Census 2020

You only have until September 30th to fill out your Census 2020 form.

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