2023 Mayor's Messages

Mayor Michael Trainor was sworn in as 2023 Mayor of Edgewater Park and put his business experience to work as he works on redevelopment for the Township.  He is also strong on inclusion, so everyone is welcome to participate in Edgewater Park's activities... 

March 2023

2022 Mayor's Messages

Mayor William "Bill" Belgard, III steps into the Mayor's seat again, with his eye on development in Edgewater Park, as well as his favorite project, the Edgewater Park Summer Concert Series at the Red Dragon Canoe Club!

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2021 Mayor's Messages

Mayor Lauren Kremper-DiFilippo serves as Mayor for the second time... and her focus for 2021 is the Mayors Wellness Campaign, a national effort by mayors to help citizens live healthier lives.

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May 2021

Memorial Day Message from Mayor DiFilippo

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October 2021 - Happy Halloween! from Mayor DiFilippo

November 2021

2020 Mayor's Messages

Mayor Azunnah "Charles" Amutah's goal for this year is #Communicate2Elevate!

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Mayor Amutah Featured on “ITSALLGOOD” Podcast

The week of September 13, 2020, Mayor Amutah was a guest on the “ITSALLGOOD” Podcast.

“I was honored to be featured on the “ITSALLGOOD” Podcast last week. We spoke for over an hour on the importance of voting, completing the Census, and how to get involved!  





November 2020

December 2020