3/31/2022 - Auditions for HAMLET, open to local residents - April 1st & 2nd

This production is presented by the Haaf Family Arts Foundation, Inc.  Beverly Haaf is the publisher of the Beverly Bee newspaper, so she wants to draw from her local communities for this production.  Click here for the pdf file of the details below.

 Hamlet presented by the Haaf Family Arts Foundation, Inc.

About Our Hamlet

This is the first play that the Foundation is putting on, so we expect this to be a learning experience for everyone involved- including our cast. Because the script our version of Hamlet is coming from is a radio play from the 1930s, we’re going to take advantage of the opportunity that gives us and lean into the radio play format. Actors will be given scripts to work with/use for the show and outside of two characters, memorization won’t be necessary. We just ask that you commit to rehearsals (1 a week until tech) and get comfortable with the language.

Time commitment will consist of up to 1 rehearsal per week totaling 2-3 hours, up until the week of June 20th, where we will be two weeks from show time and so we may ask to congregate more often at that time. The performances will be on Friday, July 1st and Saturday, July 2nd in the evening. Once ticketing is available, we will distribute that information. Questions about this, the audition process, or the character breakdown below can be directed to Kelsey Snively at HaafFamilyArts@gmail.com.  Our website is: https://haaffamilyarts.org.

Character Breakdown List

Due to the number of characters in the script, some actors will be tasked with playing multiple characters. Because the script in use is derived from a Radio Play, actors aside from those cast as Hamlet and Laertes will not be required to memorize their scripts. Those cast in the roles of Hamlet and Laertes will be asked to memorize a small scene from the show and will be discussed at the start of rehearsals.


Narrator- The Narrator helps transition between scenes and does not speak in verse. Could be any voice, but we are looking for something dynamic.

Horatio- Hamlet’s close friend.

Claudius/King- Hamlet’s Uncle who married Queen Gertrude to take the throne, becoming Hamlet’s Stepfather.

Gertrude/Queen- Hamlet’s mother. She remarried to Claudius within a month of her husband’s death (according to Hamlet).

Hamlet- The protagonist. Tasked with revenge by the ghost of his father, Hamlet seeks to expose King Claudius as a murderer. Hamlet is a character that will be asked to be off book for specific moments.

Polonius- Polonius is the father of Laertes and Ophelia. A Lord Chamberlain of Claudius’ court.

Swing 1- This swing will play Laertes, Francisco, and a Player. Laertes is a character that will be asked to be off book for specific moments. Laertes is Ophelia’s brother and the son of Polonius.

Swing 2- This swing will play the Priest, Marcellus, and the Queen Player.

Swing 3- This swing will play the Gravedigger, Bernardo, and the King Player.

Swing 4- This swing will play Rosencrantz and Ophelia. Ophelia is Laertes’ sister and the daughter of Polonius. Ophelia is in love with Hamlet. Rosencrantz is a past friend of Hamlet and is always seen with Guildenstern.

Swing 5- This swing will play Guildenstern and the Ghost. Guildenstern is a past friend of Hamlet and is always seen with Rosencrantz. The Ghost is the ghost of Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet.