2/28/2018 - Press Release: Shooting Incident- 200 Block of Roosevelt Ave.

Hello Everyone,

I am sad to report the following information noted in the Press Release below from the Burlington County Prosecutor's and my Office. This is the second incident involving a shooting in our Township within the past two months. Although these incidents are disturbing and even scary to realize that they happen so close to our homes, I want to remind everyone not to be quick to judge our Township's overall Public Safety based on these events.


These events were incidents involving people that knew each other and had disagreements with one another, ultimately resulting in the use of a firearm and extreme violence as a means to solve their disagreement. These incidents WERE NOT; drive by shootings, random acts of violence by unknown subjects, results of Gang Activity, results of large gatherings committing violent acts, unsolved violent crimes, violent crimes occurring in a consistent location, or some other type of violent act that occurred towards residents of our town who did not know the assailant(s). No town can prevent or predict acts of violence committed by one person towards another that they have some type of friendship or other relationship, whether it be acts of Domestic Violence as in the case of the incident that occurred last night, or acts of violence involving subjects who are familiar with each other and become involved in heated arguments.


Our Officers were able to treat and stabilize the victim in last night's incident and allowed for other responding Emergency Service Agencies to transport the victim to the hospital where she is in critical, but stable, condition. That is a testament to our outstanding Officers and Emergency Services. Thank you to our Officers, responding Law Enforcement Agencies, Burlington County Central Communications Staff, and our EMS and Fire Services for your assistance last night.


-Chief Gene J. Di Filippo