4/25/2018 - Edgewater Park Officers to receive Burlington County Prosecutors Office PROCOPS Awards

Hello Everyone,

The Burlington County Prosecutor's Office has announced their 2018 PROCOPS Awards recipients.  Included in these awards is the Law Enforcement Officer Commendation award for Officers that have performed above and beyond the call of duty.  I am proud to announce that Edgewater Park Officers; Sgt. Herkoperec, Ptl. Meenan, Ptl. Ewan, and Ptl. Markiewicz will be receiving this award as well as Officers Scott Waznis and Steven Wallis from Delran Township Police Department.  This award is being given for their heroic efforts on January 14, 2018 at the Olympia Lakes in their attempts to rescue occupants of a minivan that became submerged after being struck at the Route 130/Bridgeboro Rd. Jug Handle.  I am very proud of these officers and will be proud to make the presentations at the event being held on May 3.  Congratulations to every officer on award list below!

-Chief Gene J. Di Filippo


Prosecutor’s Law Enforcement Officer Commendation

This award is presented to a law enforcement officer who has performed above and beyond the call of duty.

1. Awarded to officers from Edgewater Park PD and Delran Township PD.

Edgewater Park Township:

• Sergeant Mark Herkoperec
• Patrolman David Meenan
• Patrolman Scott Ewan
• Patrolman Christopher Markiewicz

Delran Township:

• Patrolman Scott Waznis
• Patrolman Steven Wallis

For diving into icy water on January 14, 2018 and making attempts to extricate two occupants of a minivan that became submerged after being hit by an impaired driver in a Route 130 jug handle, vaulting over a guard rail and rolling down an embankment into a lake.


2. Awarded to officers from Delanco PD and Riverside PD.

Delanco Township Police Department

• Patrolman John J. Maloney III
• Patrolman Frederick Mack

Riverside Township Police Department

• Patrolman Kevin Joo
• Patrolman Michael Megara

On December 29, 2017 in Delanco, the officers responded to a call on Union Avenue for people trapped on the roof of a burning home. Without regard to their own safety, these officers assisted in the successful rescue of those who were stranded.


Prosecutor’s Unit Excellence Award

This award is presented to a unit or group functioning within the criminal justice system in recognition of outstanding performance.

1. Awarded to an officer and detectives from the Willingboro Township Police Department.

• Detective Brandin Witham
• Detective Michael Lippincott
• Detective Sharif Hewlett
• Officer Elijah Hart

For a two-month investigation into the sale and distribution of narcotics that led to two arrests and yielded large quantities of illegal drugs, firearms and ammunition in the summer of 2017.


2. Awarded to the Evesham Township Investigative Bureau.

• Lieutenant Brian Rosenberg
• Detective David Niji
• Detective Christopher DeFrancesco
• Detective Michael Hatler
• Detective Andrew Beuschel
• Officer Joshua Weiss

For outstanding detective work that led to arrests being quickly made following two bank robberies in December 2017.


3. Awarded to the Pemberton Township Police Department and detectives from the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit and Crime Scene Unit.

Pemberton Township PD

• Detective Danielle Hann
• Officer Michael Brewer

Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office

• SACA Detective Matthew Delgado
• Crime Scene Unit Detective Sergeant Michael Wiltsey
• Crime Scene Unit Detective Tim Horne

For outstanding detective work that led to the arrest of a man who broke into a woman’s residence in Pemberton Township and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.


Prosecutor’s Citizen Hero Award

This award is presented to individuals who are not members of the law enforcement profession who have performed in a manner above the level expected of the general citizenry.

1. Frank Medici, Mount Laurel

For rescuing a wheelchair-bound neighbor with Parkinson’s disease from a house fire in July 2017.

2. Edward Grinnan, Grade 5, Riverside Elementary School 
For performing the Heimlich Maneuver on a fellow student who was choking in the cafeteria in February 2018.

3. Michael McGarry, Evesham Township

For shielding people from gunfire at a Las Vegas concert in October 2017 where nearly 60 people were killed.


Prosecutor’s Special Recognition Award

This award is presented to individuals or groups who have provided significant assistance to the Burlington County law enforcement community.

1. Oaks Integrated Care of Mount Holly

For working with the Prosecutor’s Office and Evesham Township Police Department to establish the Straight … to Treatment program, which finds assistance for those struggling with substance abuse.

2. Burlington County Department of Information Technology

For support of the Burlington County’s Prosecutor’s Office’s efforts to modernize our electronic capabilities and utilize efficient and effective methods when collaborating on investigations.


Prosecutor’s K-9 Commendation

This award is presented to a K-9 officer and partner/handler for outstanding performance and effectiveness.

1. Evesham Township Police Officer Jeremy Borden and his K-9 partner Spike, for tracking and locating an unstable woman who had threatened to harm her young son. Their quick and effective action averted a tragic ending.

2. City of Burlington Police Officer Charles Haney and his K-9 partner Kobi, for tracking a suspect from the Delaware River to the light rail platform on West Broad Street. The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with homicide.