7/26/2018 - Traffic Notice: Cooper St.- July 31, 2018

Hello Everyone,


As you may know, there is construction work going on in the Cooper St. area.  This is to repair the sidewalk handicapped ramp brickwork.  This will continue until Monday, July 30.  On Tuesday, July 31, 2018 starting at around 7am, Cooper St. will be completely repaved from the area of Hess Ave. to Hendrickson Ave.  During this time, the street will be limited to one lane of travel.  Vehicular traffic will be metered by the Police Department during this time.  During this time, there will also be intermittent closures to access from attached roadways and residential driveways.  This is a result of the street milling that will occur in the morning and lane paving that will occur in the afternoon, weather permitting.  Most closures to access to Cooper St will be limited to 10-20 minutes as they occur as the milling machine passes locations and the roadway is paved with an approximately 15-20 minute time period before it can be crossed or driven upon after cooling.  Please make sure you pay attention to signage and Police Officers on location.  If you are able to use a different route to your destination during this time, it would be to your benefit as there will be traffic delays.  Residents of Cooper St. and adjoining roadways are reminded to be aware of their schedule and understand the potential delays getting in and out of their driveways. 


No Vehicles are permitted to be stopped or parked on Cooper St. at any time during this repaving work.  Any vehicles found in these locations will be towed immediately.  This construction work should only cause limited delays to residents needing to get into their driveways or adjoining roadways, so problems should be at a minimum.  Again, please plan ahead and try to use alternate routes if possible. 


Thank you all for your cooperation.  Anyone living in this area knows that this roadway definitely needs repaving, so this one day of inconvenience is well worth the work being done!  Take Care and Be Safe!!


-Chief Gene J. Di Filippo