1/18/2019 - Road Closures/Gas Pipe Replacement: Blossom/N & S Garden
Hello Everyone,

This is a notification to residents living in the area of Blossom Rd. and North/South Garden Blvd. Residents of these streets have been previously notified, by mail, by PSE&G that they will be replacing all gas pipes on these streets.   These pipes are very old and are in need of immediate replacement.  As part of this replacement, South Garden Blvd will be closed in sections during the work and North Garden Blvd will be either opened with limited traffic movement or closed for periods of time.  Please avoid these roads and use alternate routes if possible.

Residents of these streets, who will need to use their vehicles, must have their vehicles out prior to the start of the road work or park their vehicles on side streets that will allow them to get out. If you are leaving your house by 8am, you should have no problems.  Roads will be re-opened no later that 4pm. No vehicles are to be left in the streets.

If you decide to leave your car in the driveway and leave later than 8am, you risk not being able to get out if the road in front of your residence is dug open! Vehicles left in the roadway, in construction areas, after 8am will be towed at the owners expense as proper notifications have been made!  These pipe replacements are emergent and PSE&G has the rights and proper permissions to do the work on these roads/pipes as required.   Please note that there may be no work on some days depending on weather conditions.

I understand that this is an inconvenience and parking cars at a distance is a pain as the weather is rather cold. We have no choice in this matter, however, so please make sure you comply with the instructions given by PSE&G and my informational releases.  The replacement of gas lines is very important to your safety!  I will put out NIXLE updates when I get any additional information. PSE&G will be putting up no parking signs on the roadways and those signs will be enforced by the Police Department!

Thank you all for your Cooperation and Be Safe!   I will be monitoring the road/pipe construction to ensure things go as well as possible. Take Care!

-Chief Gene J. Di Filippo