Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority
Duties and Responsibilities
Send all sewer payments to our New Address at:
1123 Cooper Street
Edgewater Park, N.J. 08010
Attn: Edgewater Park Sewerage Authority
Telephone: (609) 877-1411 Fax: (609) 835-6676
Or email us at : g.conard@comcast.net

The commission is authorized:

To acquire, construct, maintain, operate, improve and extend sewage collector lateral lines and related facilities and equipment for the collection of sewage within the district.

To conduct or contract for engineering studies and plans looking forward to an orderly development of sewage disposal facilities within the subdistrict;

To recommend to Edgewater Park Township Committee as population growth and need for sewage disposal facilities develop;

To exercise the power of eminent domain.

Office hours: Monday-Thursday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Meeting: 2nd Wednesday- 7:00 P.M.

For emergencies:
     Contact the "Burlington County Emergency Center":
     Phone: (609) 267-8300

New Rates effective December 1, 2016.
Residential: Annual charge: $420.00
                           Due quarterly $105.00
Senior Citizen discount of 10% of the increase with proof of age (65) and proof of occupancy.

Commercial: $150.00 Flat Fee and $4.50 per thousand over 12,000 gal
John Alexander
Azunnah Amutah
Judith Hall
Lester Holley
Joseph T. Pullion
For your convenience you are now able to pay your sewer bill on line by clicking on the above link. Enter the information requested and follow the easy directions.

George Conard - Executive Director/Licensed Operator
Solicitor:Sapanaro Law Group
Auditor: Brent W. Lee & Co., LLC
Engineer: Environmental Resolutions, Inc.

The following vendor(s) received remuneration of $17,500 or more during the 2015 fiscal year for services rendered to the Authority: Saponaro Law Group, Root 24 Inc., Municipal Maintenance, Environmental Resolutions Inc., PSE&G, Willingboro Municipal Utilities Authority
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