Board of Fire Commissioners- Township of Edgewater Park

The Township has one Fire District, with its own publicly elected Board of Fire Commissioners. The Fire Commissioners are the legal governing body of the Fire Companies, the Bureau of Fire Safety, and the Training Center. 

Office Phone # 609-877-8812

Duties and Responsibilities

The Board is directly responsible for the fire protection of all people, buildings, and property in each district. The Board promulgates rules and regulations, establishes and maintains operational standards.

As Fire Pit Season Approaches... Here's How to Stay Safe!

  Fire Pits can be the source of dangerous sparks if not properly screened.  Click here to read Edgewater Park Fire Official Matt Augustino's "Notice About Proper Burning" -- which includes warnings about burning materials other than fire pit logs.  Keep your home and neighborhood safe from "wild fires" which can start from improper burning.  

Fire Official John Augustino Retires after 29 Years of Service

At an Awards Ceremony on February 19, 2021, Mayor Lauren DiFilippo announced the retirement of Fire Official John Augustino after 29 years of service to Edgewater Park Fire District #1.

John is succeeded by his son Matt Augustino, seen here as father and son wish each other well in their respective new roles!

Edgewater Park Township Committee, Staff and Citizens also wish John well in his retirement! 

Click here to see his Retirement Plaque

Board of Fire Commissioners 2021 Calendar (Meetings - 1st Tuesday)

March 2, 2021            Regular Meeting

April 6, 2021              Regular Meeting

April 20, 2021            Re-Scheduled Election

May 4, 2021               Reorganization & Regular Meeting

June 1, 2021                Regular Meeting

July 6, 2021                Regular Meeting

August 3, 2021           Regular Meeting

September 7, 2021      Regular Meeting

October 5, 2021         Regular Meeting

November 2, 2021      Regular Meeting

December 7, 2021       Regular Meeting

January 4, 2022          Regular Meeting

February 1, 2022         Regular Meeting

February 19, 2022       Annual Election (Tentative Date)

March 1, 2022            Reorganization & Regular Meeting

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Contact Information

Meeting: 1st Tuesday 
Time: 7:00 P.M. (via Teleconference - COVID-19)

Jill Reuter

Paula Teixeira

Phil Aronson

Fire Clerk:
Robert Simcox

Fire Official:
Matt Augustino

Phil Aaronson
Shawn Bolton
Jill Reuter (Chair)
Anthony Rizzo
Paula Teixeira