Redevelopment Committee Township of Edgewater Park

The Redevelopment Committee was created to analyze the economic development of the region and to promote the sound development of the Township.

Furthermore, the Redevelopment Committee is charged with mobilizing the potential resources of the Township for efficient, commercial, office and economic development uses. They are to conduct a thorough study of the basic economic advantages of the Township and promote the same so that a program for managed and selected growth of clean and environmentally desirable ratables may be realized.

Route 130 Corridor Representatives - One Year Term 2021

John Alexander

Committee Member Michael Trainor

Contact Information

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Day: 4th Wednesday
Time: 7 PM



Deputy Mayor Bill Belgard
Committee Member Michael Trainor


Gwendolyn Bonner


John Alexander 
James Daly
Roshonda Edwards
Judith Hall
Paula Teixeira