Administrative Division

The Administrative Division of the Edgewater Park Township Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, Lieutenants, and the Senior Police Records Clerk. The Administrative Division of the Police Department is responsible for making sure that the Police Department stays in compliance with the Standards set by the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Accreditation Commission as set forth by the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office and Best Practice Standards of Operation.

Some of these responsibilities include; creating and enforcing proper Police conduct concerning Standard Operating Procedures, General Orders, Rules and Regulations, Training, Evaluation, Internal Investigations, and Discipline.

Contact Information

Chief Brett V. Evans
(609) 877-4404

Lt. Michael Unley, Administrative Division Supervisor
(609) 877-4404

Lt. John Harris, Patrol Division Supervisor
(609) 877-4404

Stacy Hofbauer, Senior Police Records Clerk

(609) 877-4404 Main Police Office Call Taking