Patrol Division

The Edgewater Park Township Police Department operates a full-time uniformed Patrol Division. Our Police Officers are committed to providing the Citizens and Visitors to our Township, the highest level of Professional Service. They are committed to ensuring the safety of our Community through their patrol and pro-active police efforts. Officers of the Patrol Division are assigned to one of four squad shifts that patrol our Township 24 hours a day.

Officers in the Patrol Division provide Emergency First Aid, Business and School Visitations, Response to Residential and Business Fires, and other General Services for the Community. Another function of the Patrol Division is to enforce the Motor Vehicle Traffic Laws of the State of New Jersey and Township of Edgewater Park to ensure the safety of the motoring public.

The Patrol Division additionally responds to, completes reports for, and assists in investigations of any crimes that occur within the Township of Edgewater Park. As another service to our Community, the Patrol Division may respond to render Mutual Aid assistance to our surrounding communities when requested. The Patrol Division is driven by the focus to provide for the needs of our community and to give priority to the prevention, detection, and apprehension of criminal offenders. We make every effort to assist our community and provide both Criminal detection and investigation services as well as providing for a number of non-emergency issues. Although the Edgewater Park Township Police Department is a smaller police department, in size, we take pride in providing professional service with a continued ambition of excellence.

The Edgewater Park Township Police Department attained the Award of Accredited Police Department from the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police. This Award of Accreditation recognizes that this police agency follows the best practices of Policy, Administration, Response, Documentation, Training, and Evidence Retention as set for the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office and outlined by the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police.

Simply stated, our Patrol Division cares about our community and strives to develop positive working relationships and partnerships with our residents, visitors, and business owners. We are committed to a number of public safety initiatives and work to also address multiple “quality of life” concerns that are noted by our residents. The Patrol Division also takes part in pro-active patrols, specifying direct patrols and enforcement in certain identified locations of concern.

Contact Information

Phone numbers;

Emergency:  9-1-1
Non-Emergency:  (609) 267-8300
Office:  (609) 877-4404

Lt. John Harris
Patrol Supervisor, (609) 877-4404

Sgt. Mark Herkoperec

Sgt. David Meenan

Sgt. Charles Ryder, Jr.

Sgt. Joseph Dunn