Public Works

The Public Works Department responds to the residential complaints and is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of roads, parks, recycling, trash pick-up. It oversees the administration buildings & grounds, water distribution system, the sanitary sewer collection system, and storm water systems.

October is Fall Cleanup Month... 

Leaf Collection for 2022 will begin October 31st

Leaves are collected curbside (loose leaves only... not bagged) starting in November and will continue through December 30th.

Click here for a downloadable file of the 2022 Leaf Collection Schedule shown below:

First Half of 2022 - Municipal Recycling Report

Click here to download January-June 2022 Municipal Recycling Report - Edgewater Park

Letter from Burlington County Board of Commissioners

Dear Mayor/Administrator:

Burlington County has been directed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to work with municipalities to increase local recycling rates to achieve the state-mandated goal of recycling 50% of the municipal waste stream.

As part of this effort, we are providing each municipality with a semi-annual recycling tonnage report so you can track the amount of recycling collected in your town through Burlington County’s Regional Recycling Program. Attached is the first of these reports for your municipality.

The report includes curbside homes, municipal drop-offs, multifamily complexes, and schools that are serviced by the County program. The report lists the amount of recyclables (paper, cardboard, bottles, and cans) collected and the associated landfill tipping fee savings.

While Burlington County is one of the leaders in recycling efforts, we can do more.

Here are a few guidelines to help our program continue to be successful and move closer to the State’s goal of 50% recycling.

• Distribute the 2022-2023 Recycling Brochure:
All municipal recycling coordinators were provided with 2022/2023 recycling brochures this May. Please make sure to distribute them to all residents, including new residents who move into your municipality.
• Promote the RecycleCoach app:
More than 50,000 users in Burlington County use the app to receive information and education.
• Ensure new homeowners can receive a recycling cart:
All new housing developments should receive recycling carts. Supply chain issues are delaying cart shipments and it may require up to 5 months for cart orders to be filled.
• Recycle Right:
Help spread the word about what to recycle and what cannot be placed in the recycling bin.
Contamination (non-recyclable items in carts) is a growing problem and has sparked fires and damaged equipment at the Recycling Center. We need your town’s assistance to prevent non-recyclables from ending up in carts. To help with that, we continue to send curbside contamination reports to your municipal recycling coordinator.

These reports list addresses where recycling carts were not collected because of contamination. We are asking you to please notify those residents as to why their cart was not collected and include a copy of the recycling brochure to help educate them.

We are here to help and welcome suggestions on how we can work together to improve recycling efforts in Burlington County. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ann Moore, Burlington County District Recycling Coordinator at


Tom Pullion

Burlington County Commissioner
Liaison to the Department of Solid Waste and Recycling

Click here for copy of letter

2022-2023 Recycling Brochure & Calendar

Edgewater Park Recycling Brochure Link 

      Trash Reminder:

If your trash is not picked up on the weekly Tuesday (probably due to this year's driver shortages), please leave your trash can(s) at the curb for Wednesday pickup.  Also, during weeks with a Monday holiday, trash may not get picked up by Tuesday... so wait for Wednesday pickup.

Burlington County Recycling Is Back on Schedule!

According to Public Works Director Jim Bernard, the County reports that new drivers are finishing their training and are starting to catch up on the lag time with recycling.

Lookout for the Spotted Lantern Fly, Report It... and Try to Stop It!

Click here for complete information on how to report this harmful pest!

While it hasn't yet been scientifically proven or validated, reports from gardeners and state and university cooperative extensions have been finding that the toxins in Milkweed plants seem to kill or sicken Spotted Lantern Flies.  Since Monarch butterfly caterpillars only eat Milkweed, it would be a double victory if people began to plant more Milkweed to help increase the Monarch population while simultaneously helping to kill off the invasive pests - Spotted Lantern Flies!

Burlington County Plans to Stop Spotted Lantern Fly - Burlington County Times article

Mold & Mildew Cleanup After Disasters

To help deal with the increased number of major storms and flooding episodes threatening Edgewater Park and the surrounding areas, the following two brochures can be very helpful to residents and property owners.  You can download these pdf files, print, and keep them for future reference in an emergency. 

Click them to download this important information:


NJDOT and DVRPC award $400,000 for Edgewater Park's Heritage Trail

Edgewater Park Township will receive one of three grants totaling nearly $2 million in the DVRPC region.
April 27, 2021 press release announcement

Here is the proposed Heritage Trail for Edgewater Park.

Storm-water Management

NJ DEP approves Edgewater Park's Updated:
Storm-water Management Ordinance

Chipping Season Ends October 28th & Will Resume Spring of 2023

The 2022 Chipping Schedule will be Mondays and Fridays only, and the Public Works crew tries to make a pass through town every week.

Remember these tips for Spring 2022 Brush Pickup/Chipping:

Please leave the cut ends of branches and twigs facing in the same direction so they'll slide more easily into the chipping machine.

No need to make an appointment, but please allow 6 to 10 days for the Public Works crew to arrive.

Wood Chipper







Remember: Keep Plastic Bags Out of Recycling!

Click on the recycling link on the left hand side of this page for county recycling information.

Download the free app "RECYCLE COACH", on your smartphone, for on the go recycling schedule, information, and notifications.

Tire Recycling Pricing

Please, pay at the municipal building where you will be issued a receipt of payment that should be brought to the Public Works Garage. Unauthorized dumping of tires is prohibited.

  • Tires without rims - Under 100 lbs each
    • Car/SUV/Van/Truck: $3.75 each
    • Commercial & Over-sized Tires: $8.75 each
  • Tires with rims
    • Car/SUV/Van/Truck: $4.50 each
    • Commercial & Over-sized Tires: $9.75 each

Leaf Collection for 2022 will begin October 31st

Leaves are collected curbside (loose leaves only... not bagged) starting in November and will continue through December 30th.

Watch this spot for a downloadable file of the 2022 Leaf Collection Schedule Calendar for details on drop-off sites for bagged leaves.

Under Storm Water Regulations, leaves must be at least 10 feet away from any storm drain.

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Contact Information

Jim Bernard 
Superintendent of Public Works

Phone: 609-877-2050 x 400
            or Option 5
Fax: 609-877-2453

E-mail Link

Dates & Hours

Summer Hours: 6 AM - 2:30 PM
Winter Hours: 7 AM - 3:30 PM

Trash: Tuesdays only

Recycling: Every other Thursday

Bulk Pick-up: 1st & 3rd Thursdays

April to October
The Township will only chip branches that are trimmed or fallen from a storm. 

Leaf Collection: End of October to the end of December

Contractors must take debris