7/8/2021 - Look for Spotted Lantern Flies & Report Them!

Spotted Lantern Fly season is back!  Let's look for them and report them!

Edgewater Park keeps information on the Spotted Lantern Fly on its Public Works page... but this is the season to alert everyone on the Town News page, too! 

While it hasn't yet been scientifically proven or validated, reports from gardeners and state and university cooperative extensions have been finding that the toxins in Milkweed plants seem to kill or sicken Spotted Lantern Flies.  Since Monarch butterflies only eat Milkweed, it would be a double victory if people began to plant more Milkweed to help increase the Monarch population while simultaneously helping to kill off the invasive pests - Spotted Lantern Flies!


  Click here for complete information on how to spot and report these harmful pests!

Burlington County Plans to Stop Spotted Lantern Fly - Burlington County Times article