8/5/2021 - Iso Island 1 v. 1 Basketball News (hot weather cancels Aug. 14 card)

How about a Little "One on One"? 

"Iso Island" 1 vs. 1 Basketball Events Come to the E.P. Weimann Basketball Courts!

Enter “Iso Island,” a 1 v 1 basketball exhibition held at Weimann Basketball Courts at 300 Delanco Road in Edgewater Park Township. The events have gathered a massive following at the courts and on social media. Iso Island is an exhibition of some of the best local basketball talent in the area. Local high school basketball alumni, streetball stars and blacktop and bluetop kings compete in half-court, “one on one” matchups. Think of a twist between the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” and “And 1” basketball exhibitions with local stars on the card. Players are evenly matched, show up, and play for bragging rights! There are dunks, drives, jumpers, and even some good natured “trash talk” just to keep the excitement going! Did I mention Rita’s Water Ice has signed on to sell on-site?

Iso Island is a concept created by Maurice Counts, a local basketball enthusiast with an idea to match the best of the best in local competition. Maurice, who drives the hype himself, was looking for a home for his events. The events draw local spectators and those from afar.  Even some former NBA players come out to support the grassroots event for the love of the game.

This is not your ordinary tournament. Maurice evenly matches known players from various local areas to represent their “basketball roots” and bring the “trash talk” to the court. Only the score and the public decide who has the best skills. The games are set up as matches, similar to a boxing card.

After the past year, many of us are getting re-acquainted with good old-fashioned playground fun. Edgewater Park Township is encouraging the same by hosting sports events, teams, and leagues for local youth to join and play… (plus Mayors Wellness Campaign events targeting the entire family and range of abilities). You don’t have to play to watch! Stop by, grab some Rita’s, and check out these players doing what they love for all to see!

If you have a team, league or event, or if you’re just looking to reserve a place to play your favorite sport, contact the Township Clerk’s Office in Edgewater Park (609) 877-2050 ext. 313 or email bgarcia@edgewaterpark-nj.com with your requests today.

Brandon Garcia, RMC,
Edgewater Park Township Clerk

Below was last weekend's Iso Island Card.  This weekend's August 14th card has been cancelled due to HOT WEATHER! 

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