Swift911/Robo Call Notifications

Swift 911

The Swift 911 System, our Robo Call System, sends out messages to resident phones in the event of emergencies or in the event of the Police Department or Township needed to pass on important information. If you were in the old Code Red System, prior to 2015, then your phone number was transferred to the new system. If not, you will need to add your phone number, home or cell, to the system yourself. Please note that the Police Department does not add anyone to the system, you must do so! Please read below for instructions. If your number isn't in the system, please consider entering it as this is our primary means of sending "EMERGENCY" messages to the public! This system is not used for non-emergency or other non-essential messaging.

As of January 1st, 2016, the County of Burlington, and the Edgewater Park Township Police Department, switched to the SwiftReach Swift 911 System. This system will work in the same way that the Code Red System has worked in the past. You will either receive a phone message recording from the Chief of Police, a Senior Police Supervisor, or the RoboCall voice itself. All of the phones and any phone that was added by a resident to our original Code Red System has been carried over to the Swift 911 System so there should be no problems in receiving messages from any phones that you received messages from in the past.

If you would like to add another phone, cell phone, or email to this system you can download the Swift 911 Public App to your smart phone. This app is available from the APP Store, for free, to iPhone, Android, and any Windows Phone. You can also text "Swift911" to the number "99538" to receive a download link. The picture accompanying this message is what the icon for the download app will look like. Be sure to download the "blue" Swift911 Public app, as you will not be able to access Swift 911 through the Red Management App. If you do not have a smart phone, you may access the Swift911 System, Register, and add your phone number, cell number, or email address to our contact list.

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